As knowledge of this facility gains momentum we can expect to see a continued barrage of support from local, national and international environmental advocates! We got lots of honks with thumbs-up and people calling out that they support our public opposition of the proposed frack Waste Water Treatment Facility as we carried signs and stood at the red light to raise public awareness about Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) deadline on Monday to receive written testimony for the hearing they held in Coudersport recently.

At last year's event to make people aware of Coudersport Area Municipal Authority's agreement to help JKLM put a local frack plant here organized by Laurie Barr, we choked on fumes of dozens of tankers passing in minutes but this year there were relatively few tankers. A woman who participated in the demonstration lives a couple blocks from the courthouse and said she sees tanker trucks running mainly from 10 pm to midnight now. 

We met people who were unaware that a frack WWTF is being planned for Coudersport. They were happy to know that they hadn't missed the opportunity to submit their testimony to the DEP.